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Building the Web site
Building the Web site requires planning, execution and management. We bring all three capabilities to your project. We work collaboratively with you to keep the project on track and within budget.

Planning the Site
A development plan is prepared and presented to the client for approval. It describes the sequence of steps toward completion of the project, the resources required at each step, and important milestones and the dates when they will be met.

Assigning Responsibilities
We assume responsibility for the development and conduct of the plan, providing status reports, and performing the actual coding and testing of the site. The client is not a passive onlooker during this phase of the project. Approval of plans, look-and-feel and functionality are all the responsibility of the client. In addition, the client is responsible for providing appropriate content to be incorporated into the site.

Applying best practices for coding
Different Web browsers will not display a Web site in the same way unless care is taken to conform to standards. We have substantial experience in successfully applying these standards during Web site development.

Continuous client feedback
Early in the build phase, we establish a private Web address where the client can view the progress of the site development. Formal and informal walk-throughs are periodically held to assure that the shared vision is being properly implemented.

Testing the finished product
Each Web page is tested as it is completed, and any bugs discovered are fixed. When all pages are finished, a complete end-to-end testing takes place. The client is invited to participate in this testing, as it frequently uncovers minor changes that are desired.

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