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Of the four phases of Web site development – design, plan, develop and deploy – the most critical is the envisioning, or discovery, part of the design phase. Envisioning asks the developer and client to come up with a shared vision of what the end-product will look like and what it will do.

What makes envisioning so risky? First, there is a natural tension between developer and customer during envisioning phase. The project is finally underway, and each party is learning to work with the other. The developer may want more details about what the customer expects, but is reluctant to gather this information without further compensation. At the same time, the client may be unwilling to spend additional funds to further the envisioning process without knowing what the final price tag will be.

We help resolve these issues. We listen to the client's objectives, ask questions, propose alternatives and listen to feedback. This process is repeated until both parties are comfortable that they are "on the same wavelength."

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