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Publish the Web site
A first class Web site is of no value if it is not seen and used by the intended audience. Publishing consists of more than simply submitting the Web site to major search engines. You must approach publishing the way you announce new goods and services from your company, employing all appropriate media and capitalizing on techniques unique to the Web.

Deployment planning
We work with you to develop a complete plan for publishing your Web site. In some cases, we will engage with the client's marketing department to coordinate timeing, media and message.

Search engines
We will construct your Web pages in such a way as to make them easy to puruse by search engines. We will then publish them to major search engines, and provide you with a tool to resubmit your site on a monthly basis, therby providing maximum opportunity to rise to the top of their lists.

Reciprocal links
Links to your web site from third parties can contribute significant traffic to your site. Candidates for providing recriprical linkages are customers, suppliers, chambers of commerce, trade associations and subsidiaries.

Statistics on site traffic
Who visits your site? Where do they come from? Which of your Web pages generate the most traffic? The least? What pages are producing errors? Do you have any broken links? We will recommend tools you can use to answer these and many more questions. Or if you want, we can do it for you on a periodic basis.

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