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Designing Your Web Site
The most important phase of creating a Web site comes at the very beginning. We approach the design phase using proven project management techniques to assure that a mutual understanding of what is to be accomplished is achieved. In this way, costs and schedule are kept in check.

Where do we start?
From the beginning, we work to understand your goals for the Web site. Only when we have a shared vision of what the site is to accomplish do we proceed to the next phase.

Key questions we will ask
- Who is your target audience?
- Why will they come to your site?
- What do you want them to do?
- How important are site statistics?
- Who will maintain site content?

The visual element
The look and feel of your Web site tells visitors a lot about your organization, your products and your services. Consciously, as well as subliminally, an impression is quickly formed. Careful use of graphic elements can help achieve that positive impression you're looking for. And our ColorChart™ can help you select just the right color combination for your Web site.

Navigating through the site
Navigation bars, buttons and links should be clearly labled. The flow through the site should be as intuitive as possible, with minimal deviation of method from page to page.

Interactive Web sites
From simple forms to e-commerce and site searches, we use your existing databases to bring power and currency to your content.

New Technologies
New technologies offer unprecedented ways of getting your word out. Facebook and Twitter, deep-discounting coupon sites, search engine optimization and mass e-mailers all have a role to play in shaping the strategy and effectiveness of your high-impact Web site.

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