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We approach the management of development projects using many of the fundamentals found in the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Process Model, which calls for four project phases – design, plan, build and support.

Because the design phase requires that a shared vision of the end product be agreed upon, we use a variety of communication methods to help clarify this vision. Design checklists, storyboarding, feature lists and priority matrices may be used to assist this process. In the end, two documents are produced for the approval of the client – a Requirements Document and a Functional Specification.

A project plan is produced that reflects the work effort required to accomplish the shared vision. Reasons for task duration, task interdependences and milestone placement are fully explained. Weekly status reports are provided that not only describe work accomplished and planned, but also pinpoint near-term future resources required to keep the project on track.

With a requirements document and a functional specification that reflect what and how the Web site is to perform, development can take place. We assure that the resulting Web site conform to the most popular Web browsers likely to be used to interact with the site.

Deployment is much more than simply uploading the Web site to the Internet. It consists of training client personnel who may be involved with updating the site or its databases, researching complimentary sites for possible cross-linking and publishing the new Web site to popular search engines.

This, then, is our approach. We have been refining our process for almost as long as the Web has been around. We know what works and what doesn't.

In short, we build "web sites that work."

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