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Ongoing support
Some Web sites require little attention after they are deployed. They may be, for example, a corporate brochure whose content can remain the same, month after month. For others, timeliness, completeness and currency of data is essential. We will help you decide how best to update content of your site, whether its through training of your staff or by our utilizing our support services.

Data interfaces
Sometimes, a Web site utilizes information from an existing database that is updated throughout the course of normal business processes. This assures that the same information that is provided in existing business reports is the same as that seen on the Web.

Administrative forms
When manual data entry is required to keep the Web site content current, we will provide Web forms that feed a database, and will train your staff on how to use them.

Technical training
If you have Web developers who will take over site maintenance once the site is deployed, we will train them on the site design and coding methods employed.

Contracted maintenance
We can provide periodic maintenance of your site for a monthly retainer. We document the scope, timing and deadlines of our responsibility so you can be comfortable knowing your site is being well tended.

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